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Why Do Women Prefer to Be Spanked?

As if we women weren’t complicated enough! Men are asking why the woman they’ve been treating like a princess suddenly wants to be treated like a whore in bedroom. Apparently, it all goes back to dear old Dad.

Many men have faced this as they’ve grown into a more sexually active lifestyle. The woman who you spent so much time fawning over, making feel special, and trying your hardest to respect and adore as much as necessary to be rewarded… now wants to be smacked… treated rough. The man taught to be The Moron.. Is now being asked to be The Jerk! Read more

One point that the author makes (which I made in a previous post) is one that men should keep in mind if they want to “make sense” of the women in their lives: “women crave arguments and drama.”

4 Responses to Why Do Women Prefer to Be Spanked?

  • Amy says:

    Really, that is such bullshit. Women DO NOT crave arguments and drama… geez, I guess we’re as mysterious to you all as you are confounding to us.

  • Jim says:

    Strange, I just like being spanked during sex because it feels good…

  • Ann says:

    Crave drama and arguments? That does not enter into it. I grew up in a family that craved that sort of thing and I ran from it. Why would a woman want to be spanked during sex? Endorphin rush. The thrill of being overpowered by the man you love. It feels good if done right and brings on an endorphin rush of feeling calm. This does not mean to beat, but to wake up sexually. It feels good. I have to agree with Amy and Jim. The man can’t just slap away. He has to know what he’s doing to add spice to sex. It has to start slowly and built to that endorphin high. Vanilla sex is downright boring and dull most of the time.

  • Old Guy says:

    It depends on the woman. For example, if a woman grew up being told sex is not something good girls do, she may need to be “punished” before she can have sex. Other women would rather take a spanking than be saddled with guilt over something they’ve done. Then there is a need for the security arising from being with a man able to dominate a woman. While few women seem to actually enjoy a real spanking, it’s not uncommon for a woman to admit feeling better after it’s over.

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