What Does Sex Feel Like for a Woman?

man-on-topWhat does sex feel like for a woman? When men ask that question, what they usually want to know is what a penis feels like in your vagina. Saying it feels wonderful is enough to put a self-satisfied smirk on most men’s faces and end the discussion, but others aren’t so easily brushed off. They want to know exactly what it feels like when a penis enters you and moves  around inside.

For me, the most exquisite sensation of sexual intercourse is when the head first pushes past the lips into my vagina. At the very point of entrance, there is a resistance at first, and then a sensuous, stretched-out feeling as it slides in, though sometimes there’s some pain, depending on the lubrication factor or the size of the penis. When the penis first slides in all the way, it often sends involuntary shivers up my spine. While it’s going in, you can feel the head, but usually (in my case anyway) you can mostly only feel the shaft. If you’ve been waiting a long time for it (or have been teased for a long time), the first slide in feels like such a relief. It’s like an increase of tension and then a release.

There’s an instinctual, animal feeling about being penetrated. You just want him inside you, as deep as possible, as high up as possible. Every time his penis goes in, out, and back in again you can feel shudders all over your body, and it melds into one luscious, rhythmic feeling that you mostly feel at the very base of your stomach, right above the pubic bone. You feel this intense need to gyrate and push and feel his penis in every dimension and angle within you.

When he’s giving it to you hard and fast, sometimes you can’t think about anything but what’s going in and out of you. That’s when you might throw your hips back against him to unconsciously say you want more. When his testicles hit against you or when you feel him bumping your cervix, you know that you’re taking all of him in. and that makes you feel like a real woman.

When you orgasm, you can feel yourself contract around him. As he gets close, you feel his his penis swelling and hardening, and then twitching and pulsating as he ejaculates. I usually don’t feel the semen shooting into me – just an increase in warmth and wetness. When I do feel it, the semen isn’t hitting the vaginal walls, but the cervix.

What I’ve described is the best case scenario. Sex isn’t always that good. In fact, with some men, it’s never that good. Your feelings can vary depending on the situation, the mood, and, most of all, the man you’re with. When you’re with someone you care about and who cares about you, the pleasurable sensations of sex seem to be heightened and intensified. Spreading your legs to take him inside you becomes an act of acceptance and surrender that joins the two of you together into one.

Did you know that only 25% of women achieve orgasm from sex? If you can’t satisfy a woman in bed, what are the chances she’ll BEG you to get naked? On the other hand, if you become a virtuoso lover, one that can make her entire body quiver with pleasure, then she will be wanting your hot flesh up against her ALL THE TIME. To discover the proven secrets to make her climax more often and with greater intensity, even if you don’t have a big penis, a great body, and even if she’s never had an orgasm before, click here.

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  5. Treacle Says:

    That’s perfect!

    I’ll send my boyfriend here next time he asks me how sex feels. :-)

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  15. Deborah Lazaroff Says:

    Depends upon the type of sex, but it’s always deeply emotionally and psychologically gratifying. Sucking cock is an amazing experience: it’s both a very powerful and very submissive thing to do, and there’s no other experience quite like it. That first moement of being penetrated by a man is deeply, deeply satisfying. Feeling the man inside me. smelling and tasting his skin. Listening to the sounds he makes. Meeting his thrusts and matching his rythmn. It’s like all’s right in the world. The secret to having great sex with s man or a woman is to understand that in reality, the pleasure points aren’t that different. The clit is just a tiny, ultrasensitive uncircumscised penis. It should be sucked and stroked like a penis, in proportion to its size. The G spot is located in almost the same spot where the prostate is located in a man, between one – two inches in and along the front wall of the vagina.

  16. Svetlana Ivanova Says:

    That first penetration is my favorite moment of intercourse.

  17. Amature Girl Says:

    It is the HOTTEST…most intensely sexy feeling ever!!! :p

  18. Jeff Says:


    What’s the difference between the first penetration and intercourse that makes it your favorite?

  19. Svetlana Ivanova Says:

    The first penetration is my favorite part because when I become highly aroused, I feel an intense desire to be filled up. This feeling is sometimes called the “vaginal ache.” The penis filling my vagina relieves that “ache.” However, this doesn’t happen if the man puts it in too soon before I’m ready for it and wanting it.

  20. A Stranger Says:

    Just reading of your feelings is quite a turn on – there’s a sense of honesty and lust. Men must get very attached to you ;-).

  21. Svetlana Ivanova Says:

    Please do try to describe male sexual sensations. My female readers are I are curious.

  22. Svetlana Ivanova Says:

    I’ve never read such a detailed description of sexual intercourse from the male point of view. No wonder men are so eager to do it :)!

  23. Jennifer Lawless Says:

    This is definitely the best description of the male sexual experience that I’ve come across. I’m surprised that you say you don’t feel your orgasm in your penis. What about the jerking and feeling the semen spurt?

  24. Svetlana Ivanova Says:

    I would think feeling the penis jerk and semen spurt would be part of the orgasm, too, Jen, but maybe that doesn’t actually feel pleasurable.

  25. Jeff Says:

    what are some last second teases that can be done with the penis before the first penetration that heightens in the anticipation

  26. Svetlana Ivanova Says:

    You could try rubbing the head of your penis between the vaginal lips and/or against the clitoris. Another thing you might try is to just put the head at the opening and leave it there for a few moments, and once you push in, stop with no more than the head inside. If she’s ready to have you inside her, these moves will drive her crazy!

  27. Tom Woodhouse Says:

    First off I want to say terrific blog! I had a quick question that I’d like to ask if you don’t mind. I was interested to know how you center yourself and clear your mind before writing. I’ve had a tough time clearing my thoughts in getting my thoughts out there. I do take pleasure in writing however it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are usually wasted just trying to figure out how to begin. Any recommendations or hints? Thank you!

  28. Svetlana Ivanova Says:

    I think about what I’m going to write when I’m not writing. Then, when I sit down to write, I just have to get it down.

  29. Karl Says:

    I read the descriptions of both parties for Female and Male. What sex feels like for both. I must say that I think the Man was quite right. I have only had sex with one woman (Some may not believe me but its true). What he discribed was spot on.

    That said how ever. Regardless of how much more plesurable masterbation may be to normal sex. I would take regular sex any day of the week. I find it far more fulfilling and rewarding.

    Self serve to me is borring. Thats my 2 cents.

  30. Mike Says:

    I did not realize it until my wife mention it to me but for her sex with me was a far more than a roll in the sack. Since she was 12-13 she had a serious crush on me. During her preteen and early teen years I was the picture in her mind when she masturbated. I was so much older than she (7 years) and never noticed her until she was 17. Her deep feeling for me and growing maturity made her finally approach and ask me out.

    She knew all about me. She dated and lost her virginity to a guy her own age because she never thought I would look he way because of the age difference. Even while she was dating and getting an occasional screw from her boy friend she would stare at me in church, making her pussy wet while thinking about me making love to her. When we began dating my love for her was equal to hers. She was a really keeper

    Sex was wonderful. She never hid how much she loved me during sex and every time I slid inside her warmth and wetness there were feeling of more than just lust. She wanted my baby growing inside her. In her mind she was ready for love and marriage and began craving baby making sex. I never had a problem making her cum and for a year never knew what our sex meant to her. It was only after a nice drive on Thanksgiving that I told her I wanted children with her that she mention she felt the same feeling since we began dating.

    Her climax during sex was not just a physical act but a deep emotional one. She never felt that way for her old boy friend and often faked an orgasm with him. I guess women have levels of intimacy which men aren’t always aware of. She wanted my baby but not the other guys. There were times were we had pregnancy scares and she was hoping it would turn out positive. With the other guy she stayed on the pill and even counted days on a calendar because she dreaded being pregnant by him.

  31. Ashley Says:

    I agree with the first moment of penitration the stretching sensation OMG I love it. I know allot of women don’t like pain. I find pleasure from a stretch that challenges me, I think women who get umcfortable are to tense or something I don’t quite understand. To be honest I never found it actually painfull as in I’m going to cry just a challenge for the moment. My first time didn’t hurt but I was with an average size 6 1/2″ penis so maybe that’s why my first and only challenger lol was my Jerry my husbands best friend.who we have brought into our lives.

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