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What Does a Big Penis Feel Like to a Woman?

My posts about penis size are always popular, but the responses I get from women are about their concerns with how big their partner is, not about how small. Some women find that a very long or thick penis can cause discomfort and even pain during sex. A long penis can hurt because it can hit the cervix during penetration, and a thick penis may feel like it’s stretching you too much. Since I’m among the one in three women who does enjoy sex with a big penis, I’ll explain why I do.

It’s been said that the brain is the body’s largest sex organ. A big penis can be both a visual and a sensational turn on. The sight of a big penis makes many women think about the potential pleasures of feeling “full, ” which can cause sexual excitement before foreplay even begins. The “vaginal ache,” a desire to be “filled up” that women get during sexual arousal, may be satisfied by having something large stretch and fill the vagina. Also the experience of accommodating a big penis can be a mentally stimulating, thus, making it easier to reach orgasm.

So, what does the vagina actually feel like when it is being entered, probed, and “filled” with a big penis? Well, it obviously feels good. That “good” feeling comes from the friction of the penis rubbing within me. If I am too dry, the friction can cause discomfort rather than pleasure. If my vagina is too well lubricated, the friction is often reduced. In those cases, the actual intercourse can be less enjoyable, but that is often overcome by my mental stimulation knowing how turned on I am because I being screwed by a big penis.

Generally, a woman can accommodate a penis that is somewhat longer than the depth of her vagina because, even when fully erect, the penis tends to be spongy and compresses somewhat against the firm back wall of the vagina. If the probing penis is not too long or too “bony,” women often enjoy the feeling of having that penis “beat” against the back walls of their vagina. However, some women don’t like their cervix bumped at all, whether head on or sliding underneath.

I find a little bit of pressure on the cervix can be VERY pleasurable, but “cervical sex” is only really phenomenal for me if I am 100% ready to go and so aroused that I am ready to just be completely devoured by the man I’m with. If I am not quite to that point, having a penis knocking on my cervix hurts like getting a tattoo, not really all that painful, but certainly annoying.

Women generally love the feeling of deep penetration into their vagina, but for most women a thick penis is much more important than a long penis. This preference of penis girth over length is because a thick penis is much more able to give women that wonderful feeling of being full in their vagina.  Some women find their orgasms are more intense when their vagina is filled to capacity. In addition, since it’s able to press a woman’s vagina from all sides of the wall, a thick penis is more likely to stimulate  the G-spot.

Does my preference for a big penis mean that I’ll only have sex with a well-endowed man? No, the man himself is more important than the size of his penis. Intercourse is only one aspect of sex, and oral and anal sex can provide as much erotic pleasure as I could ever desire. Besides, certain sex positions can make a smaller penis feel longer and thicker anyway. Still, a man who is both a masterful lover and well-hung… ooh la la!

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57 Responses to What Does a Big Penis Feel Like to a Woman?

  • Jesse F. Simmons says:

    Even a small pen can move a nation, so it is not the size but rather the author that gives satisfaction in the end.

  • Shane says:

    Its one of the questions as guys we ask nobody trained us to ask it just a natural question we are curious about. I had asked girl before while growing up and finally one was very honest. She got a big smile and said yeah of course its better lol but I have to like the guy to. She gave the same descriptions I read on here the stretching and fullness. I asked how I compared she laugh saying I was fine sex is just different with a big one. I’m average 6″ long and 5″ around. It was funny when I asked what she liked better girth or length she quickly said girth. Then she laugh saying length is nice too lol I asked what’s a perfect size. She laugh saying she had figured it out via dildo a couple years before ( 8 1/2″ long and 6 1/2″ around). That was when she showed me her dildo. We would start to used it every time after I got done first so she could feel me lol. But I would always like to go after just to feel how it stretched her out. We dated for almost a year before I had to move out of the area and we ended our relationship. But when I got married years later I brought a dildo into our relationship my wife at first didnt want to use it. But once she did and OMG she orgasmed vaginally for the first time in her life. She was addicted to it

  • Svetlana Ivanova says:

    Many women are apprehensive about a large penis or dildo, but once they try it, they do often become addicted.

  • Shane says:

    I know with my size I’m not going to do what a big penis or dildo does inside a vagina. Its like having a way to make up for that lack of size using a dildo for me and I love seeing my wife body quiver and shake as she orgasms. Not afraid to admit I need a little help or I should say a big helped get the job done. The sex toy industry isn’t a billion dollar buisness because there isn’t a need for size that women desire so much.

  • George says:

    Svetlana, in your experience and just speaking with women in general, what’s truly is a good penis girth circumference? Also, can women truly tell if their current partner’s member is larger than a pass partner’s penis…say over 5 years ago or they really can’t? I heard one say she could tell the difference in length and girth no matter how many years it has been. She also stated her vagina knows too.

    Thank you for your candidness.

    P.S. I know foreplay is a very large plus if done right and we as men ask women what do they like and make them feel ecstasy in lieu of the erect penis.

  • Svetlana Ivanova says:

    I don’t really know girth measurements. I think you can tell differences in penis sizes if they’re significant.

    The best thing men could do to improve their foreplay is prolonged periods of just kissing and caressing. Act like “first base” is as far as you expect to get.

  • Declan says:

    Svetlana, you say ‘women often enjoy the feeling of the penis beating against the back wall’. I would really like you to describe what this sensation feels like. Here’s the reason: my long term gf had a very well hung ex (I am small) who she said ‘hit her back wall’ & that the feeling was like she had gone to heaven & it was the best thing about sex with him & that it gave her vaginal orgasms. The only thing she can describe it as is ‘tingles’. As I’m short, I have been unable to reach her there – I can’t even manage it with long dildos. It is difficult to find a woman on the net who can describe this sensation, which I find very strange. I think it might be because not many have sex with a very long penis. I would be very grateful if you could describe that sensation so I know what my gf was feeling.

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