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Things That Annoy Women in the Bedroom

BaggageReclaim has a list of things that annoy women in the bedroom. Though the writing is funny, many of these things are serious enough to turn a woman off to sex… with you anyway. Here’s one example:

Teenage Routine
A lot of us have those early experiences of being with a guy, which had a routine that went roughly along these lines: Kissing followed by touching the breasts and normally giving one, not both a squeeze. This could last for seconds or if lucky a whole couple of minutes. Try to undo her belt/slip hand up her skirt. If he’s not met with resistance, a rummage around followed by finger foreplay. If you’re lucky this lasted for a few minutes, but for some unlucky ladies, it was just a cursory check to make sure she’s wet enough. Then sex, which normally lasts for three minutes, again if lucky. Surely we can do better than this? Foreplay is not a cursory check to see if she’s wet enough to have sex with and when she’s not, a few shoddy manoeuvres to speed things up. It is time to grow up and move your sex routine on! Read more

2 Responses to Things That Annoy Women in the Bedroom

  • mark says:

    Well, I believe this is a routine for alot of men. Note, these are usually the hot guys or rich guys most women end up choosing. They seem to bypass sensitive men. Is this a self-fullfiilling behavior?
    In a ltr, the communication is much better and each person is trying to please their parttner more than themselves.

  • probitionate says:

    It’s so sad that there are so many dullards and boors out there…and that women have to tolerate their behaviour.

    No doubt that online porn isn’t helping; I’d bet that many of the article’s complaints are reinforced by what the average male views.

    Maybe you should consider accompanying some of these no-nos with some video clips as reinforcement…?

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