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I came to the U.S. at age of 12 with my mother. We settled in sunny Florida, which was quite a contrast to Minsk. I have always been fascinated by sex and relationships. Sex Secrets is where I share sex advice, experiences, news, and sometimes a little humor. If you have a question about sex that you prefer not to post in the comments, you can email me at svetlanaivano(at)yahoo.com.
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The Two Moves That Make Fellatio Most Enjoyable

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Performing fellatio on a maan is sometimes called “sucking him off.” Sucking is a major reason that blow jobs so enjoyable for men. Our mouths have the unique ability to create suction, or a vacuum effect. This is a sensation that will drive your partner wil, and bring him to orgasm again and again. Suction may be also the reason why many men prefer fellatio to sexual intercourse: A vagina can’t suck! You can only give a man the kind of pleasure that sucking provides with your mouth. You have two options for sucking:

Shaft Sucking

Shaft sucking is not the same as deep throating! You do take his entire penis into your mouth, but without straining or activating your gag reflex. Move up and down rhythmically while creating a sucking motionm – a lot like sucking on a popsicle. You can do this either slowly or quickly, depending on your partner’s preference, as well as, how far along in the blow job you are, and how close he is to having an orgasm.

You can also do this with a lot of suction, or with very little – also depending on your partner’s preference and how far along in the fellatio session you are.

Head Sucking

To perform head sucking, place your mouth over the top of his penis, covering the head and the frenulum completely. Make an up and down sucking movement. You can also swirl your tongue around for added sensation. You can do this soft or hard, depending on both you and your partner’s mood during a particular fellatio session.

This fellatio technique can launch your partner into fellatio bliss. It’s a very powerful technique in your repertoire, but be careful about using it because it can do one of two things: either cause discomfort because the sensations are too powerful or cause an almost immediate orgasm.

Sucking is the go-to move that will take a man to orgasm. However, somce the motion is so strong, remember not to start sucking right away. Be sure to warm him up first.

All women know that men LOVE oral sex, but not all women know how to do it properly. Giving good fellatio is NOT just about opening your mouth and bobbing up and down. To find out what every woman needs to know about giving her man oral pleasure, click here!

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