Tease Her to Please Her

coupleStudies reveal that only about 28% of women reach orgasm during from sexual intercourse alone. Women take an average of twenty minutes to reach orgasm, and for many women, it can take up to a half-hour or more of sustained stimulation to move into orgasmic range. Seducing and being seduced, teasing and being teased, create sexual excitement in women. The following sexual technique will both tease her and please her. It works by SLOWLY increasing physical stimulation, thereby creating almost unbearable sexual desire and tension.

The basis of the technique is that the man teases his partner with his penis until she is BEGGING him to put it in her. Then he slowly enters her an inch at a time until he teases an orgasm out of her. Here are the specifics:

1) After your partner is highly aroused and lubricated from foreplay, gently rub her clitoris with the head of your penis. Every once in a while, tease the opening of her vagina with the head of your penis. After a few minutes of this, she will be simmering with desire, but you want her boiling so keep on teasing.

2) She will ask you to put it in. DON’T PUT IT IN YET! Keep teasing and talking to her. Tell her how beautiful her vagina is. Ask her if she wants your penis inside her. Ask her how badly she wants it as you keep teasing her with your penis. After a few more minutes of this she will be climbing the walls and boiling with desire.

3) When she really can’t stand it any longer, start rubbing the opening of her vagina with the head of your penis for about a minute or so. Then slide only the head in and very slowly thrust in and out with only the head of your penis. She will be begging for you to put it in deeper!

4) Slide it in one more inch, and then thrust slowly in and out, but only to this same depth. Keep talking to her while you do this. Ask her if she likes your penis inside her, tell her how much you like making love to her and how good her vagina feels. This verbal teasing is just as important to building her excitement as the physical teasing.

5) After a couple of more minutes, slide your penis in one more inch, and then thrust slowly in and out to this same depth.

6) Repeat step 5 until you are almost at your full length, but don’t put it all the way in until she starts having an orgasm.

7) Once she starts having an orgasm, you may start thrusting more vigorously, or move on to a different technique.

Sexual intercourse with this technique may lead to a long night of lovemaking since a woman’s orgasm does not usually signal the end of her sexual arousal. To the contrary, an orgasm in a woman can even lead to INCREASED arousal. Men who both tease AND please often get asked for an encore and invited back for a repeat performance.

One of the worst things that can happen to any man is not being “sure” if he has finally given his woman a climax. Over 70% of women claim that their partners have never given them an orgasm with intercourse, and 65% of women admit to faking orgasms. Just imagine being so sexually skilled that you can literally have any woman screaming with pleasure and sexually exhausted from a night of orgasm after orgasm. To discover how to give any woman three types of mind-blowing orgasms as if it were second nature, click here.

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12 Responses to “Tease Her to Please Her”

  1. How to Make a Woman Orgasm… and Scream for More… Every Time! « Sex Secrets Says:

    [...] The technique described in Part Two is similar to the one in my article Tease Her to Please Her. [...]

  2. Vincent Says:

    If your woman likes to receive oral sex, then, you set her in a comfortable position.
    You ask her to widely open her legs and you start kissing the inner side of her thighs. You can also bite a little bit and lick it.

    Take your time before coming to her sensitive parts.
    Then, you kis her lips, as if it was a mouth, but very gently.
    After a short while, you will notice that she can’t wait anymore.
    That’s the thing. The more you wait, the higher she will go and the stronger her orgasm will be.

    You can now start licking her little clit, and from time to time, introduce your tongue deep inside her pussie. While doing so, it is very important to look at her reactions.
    You will also tell her: ” you do NOT cum without my permission”. Usually, it turns them on since they are completely under your own will…

    Then, whenever she feels like cuming, you bring her to the edge, and then you simply stop. After a few times of this treatment, she might become furiously excited and maye even “angry” at you. I have even seen women begging me, and sometimes crying for you to let them cum.

    After you decide she had enough, you just let her go. You might also let her know that you will authorise her this time.

    If you do this long enough, you can very easily bring her to multiple orgasms…

    Have fun!!


  3. IFuckAmy Says:

    Your technique works wonders. I’ve been using it a lot. Recently I used it on Amy and it drives her bonkers, in a nice way. Just as I thought i can’t pleasure Amy any further, before Amy was about to come I french kissed Amy’s butt and without anything in Amy’s vagina, Amy reached an enormous orgasm, her whole body shuddered and she screamed profanity! Of course she begged me to go in side..

    Didn’t think Amy’s butt hole was so sensitive! Maybe it’s the timing?

  4. Svetlana Ivanova Says:

    It is the timing. When a woman is highly aroused, she becomes more sensitive and also oses her inhibitions.

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  9. Svetlana Ivanova Says:

    I don’t make this stuff up. It works if you do it right, which it sounds as if you did :). I’m glad to hear your lady friend had such a nice time.

  10. NextDoorPleasure Says:

    I believe that me and my partner incorporate toys. I enjoy pleasing her, taking her to ecstasy. As well she enjoys pleasing me. I love doing roll play, for some reason it gets us off together. I always tease her, which she loves because when we start intercourse she is already there.
    That’s what Ive been taught and It really works for me!

  11. englishindia123 Says:

    Do you people think having head/glans girth bigger than shaft is advantage in teasing a girl by thrusting using just head/glans?

  12. Svetlana Ivanova Says:

    I personally don’t think so. Overall, the bigger shaft is probably better.

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  • Svetlana Ivanova: I personally don’t think so. Overall, the bigger shaft is probably better.
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