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I came to the U.S. at age of 12 with my mother. We settled in sunny Florida, which was quite a contrast to Minsk. I have always been fascinated by sex and relationships. Sex Secrets is where I share sex advice, experiences, news, and sometimes a little humor. If you have a question about sex that you prefer not to post in the comments, you can email me at svetlanaivano(at)yahoo.com.

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female libido

How to Get Her in the Mood for Morning Sex

Ali Eaves explains what to do when you’re an early riser, and she isn’t.

It bugs me how late she likes to sleep on weekends. How do I get her to join me at the breakfast table?
—Andrew from Athens, Ohio

You’re hoping I’ll say morning sex, aren’t you?

Sorry, but I’d suggest bacon. There are few people on Earth who aren’t roused by the smell of sizzling pork fat.  Read more

8 Simple Steps to Give Your Bedroom Sex Appeal

Is your bedroom a mood-killer Candace Braun Davison lists eight simple steps to give your bedroom year-round sex appeal.

Forget the rose petals — these decorating ideas will give your room year-round sex appeal. Read more

15 Sexy Questions That Will ll Get Any Woman “in the Mood”

Donna Begg gives men fifteen sexy question that will get her mind off her stressful day and “in the mood.”

Men can all agree that there is something incredibly sexy about making a girl feel aroused … simply by talking to her. Thanks to technical advances, guys can now dirty talk via text to get their girl in the mood.

Whether you are whispering face-to-face with her or sending her steamy digital messages, here are 15 suggestive questions sure to get her in a sexy mindset.

Disclaimer: While some guys might use these questions to flirt with a girl, that’s not always advisable. Women often feel offended (that’s a little too much, too soon, buddy!) instead of becoming aroused. It’s always best to save these arousing questions for the woman already solidly in your life. Read more

Learn How to Make Sex Coffee

Learn how to make sex coffee – the recipe that boosts libido.

You already have a morning cup of coffee. Why not make it count?

Wake up your vroom-vroom with this suprisingly simple recipe: a cup of java, maca, cacao, and cinnamon. That’s it! These raw foods have been used since ancient times to support your sex drive and if you’re not mixing these bad boys into your daily diet, you’re missing out on some seriously sexy benefits.

Here’s what each ingredient may do for you: Read more

40 Ways to Get in the Mood for Sex

There’s no way you can make it though this whole list and not have sex on the brain, says Kim Conte.

If you’re one of those people who are always and forever in the mood for sex, then well done, you! But other women — whether it’s because they’re tired, stressed, or just not into it — need a bit of inspiration to get the juices flowing. We came up with 40 sexy ways that will put you in the mood for getting it on. There’s no way you can make it though the whole list and not have sex on the brain.

1. Wear a super sexy bra and panties under your clothes during the day. By the time you get home you’ll be all set for fun.

2. Take a hot bath. Then slip on a silky robe.

3. Slick on minty lip gloss. Anything on your lips will make you feel sexy, and you’ll have fresh breath, too.

4. Shave your legs.

5. While you’re at it, get a Brazilian bikini wax. Everything is more sensitive without all that hair in the way. Read more

“Shocking” Study: Men Want Sex More Often Than Women

A new reveals the “shocking” finding that men have a greater and far less discriminating appetite for sex than women do. What will they discover next: that women don’t always have orgasm with intercourse? I just hope this study didn’t receive any government funding.

Who wanted sex sooner the last time you were dating someone: you or the guy in question? Who pressured the other to do something a little more sexually adventurous than the reluctant person felt comfortable with: you or him? Or, the last time you hooked up with someone, who coaxed the other person into leaving the party where you met so some clothes could come off: you or him?

If you asked a group of your girlfriends — and their sisters — questions like these, what do you think their answers would be?

I ask because I think the average young woman feels a lot of cultural pressure to have sex like a man — and tries to make her own appetite for sexual adventure live up to the expectations that her partner has for her, or that she may have developed for herself after watching one too many episodes of Desperate Housewives.

But, as it turns out (surprise, surprise) … studies indicate that men want sex more than women do, as sociologist Mark Regnerus notes in a new article for Slate. He writes that social psychologists Roy Baumeister and Kathleen Vohs and others “have repeatedly shown, on average, men want sex more than women do. Call it sexist, call it whatever you want — the evidence shows it’s true.” Read more

Chloe Sevigny Says Yoga Helps Her Sex Drive

Model and actress Chloe Sevigny has taken up yoga, and, as well as improving her fitness it has boosted her sex drive.

Chloe Sevigny says yoga has worked wonders for her sex life.

The model-and-actress recently took up the gentle relaxation exercise and is reaping the benefits, which include an increased libido

She said: “I’ve just started doing yoga three times a week. I feel strong and limber, and my sex drive is through the roof!” Read more

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