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I came to the U.S. at age of 12 with my mother. We settled in sunny Florida, which was quite a contrast to Minsk. I have always been fascinated by sex and relationships. Sex Secrets is where I share sex advice, experiences, news, and sometimes a little humor. If you have a question about sex that you prefer not to post in the comments, you can email me at svetlanaivano(at)yahoo.com.

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fellatio techniques

A Fellatio Technique to Give Your Man a Long, Powerful Orgasm

Satisfied ManAlthough fellatio s always pleasurable to a man, a great finish is what makes it special. This fellatio technique will do just that: give your man a long, powerful orgasm at the end. You can still do all your favorite fellatio moves, too. This technique just make them better. The technique consists of three moves. The first two make his orgasm more powerful by making whatever you do more stimulating, and the last one make it last longer.

The best positions for this technique are with you kneeling and him standing, sitting, or lying on his back. The first two moves don’t necessarily have to be done in order, but the third one is definitely done at the end. For best results, combine all three moves at the finish. Continue reading

6 Hot Blow Job Techniques

Licking LipsDoing the same old thing every time you give a blow job will quickly get boring to your man, so it’s important that you vary your technique. That said, the most important technique you need to give a great blow job is not a technique, but an attitude. Show your enthusiasm! Men don’t just want you to suck their penisrs; they want you to love doing it! If you act like giving a blow job is literally a job for you, all the techniques in the world won’t help much. On the other hand, if you enjoy giving fellatio and show it, these six techniques can make your blow jobs more fun and exciting for your man. Continue reading

Better Fellatio: 3 Steps to a Perfect Climax

If you are a woman who enjoys performing fellatio on your man, you’re probably also interested in ways to make it even better for him. If your man climaxes from oral sex, you’re already doing something right, but did you know that his orgasm can be less enjoyable, if you don’t finish him off the right way? To bring  your man to a perfect climax whenever you give him oral sex, be sure to follow these three steps to make his orgasm as intense and pleasurable as possible:

1) Keep his penis in your mouth. The pressure, warmth, and wetness of your mouth is what got his penis ready to explode, so finish what you started. If you take it out before the grand finale, the finale may not be so grand. You should be able to tell when a man is about to ejaculate by the stiffening of his penis and lifting of his testicles. When this happens, taking as much of his penis into your mouth as you can will maximize his pleasure during orgasm. The explosiveness of his semen shooting into your mouth can sometimes be a little overwhelming, but it’s also kind of exciting knowing that you caused it. Continue reading

10 Fellatio Tips to Drive Your Man Wild

Men love fellatio, blow jobs, sucking or whatever they prefer to call it. Lucrezia magazine has ten tips to make Valentine’s Day (or any other day) special for your man. (And here’s a bonus tip from me: always swallow. It is insulting to your man if you spit out his semen. It is also a turn off.)

Men love blow jobs and when it comes to sex, it is the one thing they repeatedly ask for and the one thing they would really love more of. There are tips, tricks and techniques that can turn a ho-hum hummer into a va-va vroom wild ride. By mixing things up he’ll never know what to expect and you’ll have his knees weak before your lips ever touch him. Most guys will say that any blow job is a good one but if you want to keep him coming back for more and coming for you and you alone try these tips and tricks that’ll drive him wild.

Tease, torture and tantalize
Don’t dive for his penis right away. Just like you, he has many other erogenous zones all over his body. Read more

Hot Fellatio Technique: The Corkscrew Pattern

A reader at LoveHoney reveals her corkscrew oral sex technique.

“Here’s an oral sex technique. As you’re moving up his shaft with your mouth, turn your head a bit from side to side, letting your tongue follow a corkscrew pattern. Read more

Irrumatio: Even Better Than Fellatio?

IrrumatioIrrumatio is actively thrusting the penis into the mouth of a partner. A distinction was once made between irrumatio and fellatio based on who is actively moving. Irrumatio meant to thrust the penis into the partner’s mouth; fellatio meant to move the head and mouth up-and-down around the penis, but this distinction has almost completely vanished in modern English. Continue reading

8 Unique Fellatio Techniques

So you’ve mastered giving fellatio without gagging, but now what? Since sometimes you have to give something good in order to receive something better, pleasure Coach Dr. Sadie Allison, proclaimed the “Penis Genius,” shares her top eight oral sex tips and tricks to help our inner vixens spice things up.

I’m about to show you enticing oral sex techniques for you to take only as far as you please. You don’t have to “deep throat” him. You don’t have to taste his come. And you certainly don’t have to swallow – although you just might like it after all. Just pick and choose what tickles your fancy, and advance from there.

Start with the The Classic Blowjob then try one of these variations as your springboard to wild improvisations. Which of these will become your one Golden Technique to finish him off? Read more

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