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Study: Women Find Well-Endowed Men More Attractive

Australian researchers found that penis size influenced how females perceived male sexual appeal, and the more ample, the more appealing.

A Monash University biologist was part of a national research team that has shed new light on how women take into account male body shape, height and size of genitalia to determine the sexual appeal of men. Read more

7 Responses to Study: Women Find Well-Endowed Men More Attractive

  • Jason says:

    And who was surprised by that?

  • Ashley says:

    I wonder how a study like this would have been viewed 20 yrs ago lol, Im sure they would have been burned at the stake. It’s amazing how today women can express what’s important to them in a relationship and most importantly to themselves. I think if a women finds sex very satisfying with a BIG COCK she should make that apart of her detail to look for in a life partner. If not she’s going to find sexual fustration that will ruin both hers and her partners lives. People look for how much money or what kind of car a guys drives like that’s going to be forever. My husband didn’t make anywhere near the money he makes now and his car hmm lets just say it wasn’t pretty lol. But I was very attracted to his body and how he treated me and our sexual connection was great. But as some of you already know he brought his friend into our lives who has a huge cock ;). That was something I never knew about my body’s response to BIG lickly my husband enjoys me being pleased by his friends big cock. I just don’t see that being something most men would be willing to do, so make sure girls if a BIG ONE makes you happy make that apart of you search for happiness .

  • Svetlana Ivanova says:

    This study was mostly about appearance: Naturally, a big penis looks better, especially on a tall man – another trait that women prefer. I think most women instinctively realize the pleasure potential of a big penis, which can produce desire and anticipation – or fear to the inexperienced.

  • Dick says:

    So if you have a small dick, this is just further evidence that God is cruel, or does not exist.

  • Carlos says:

    How about a study, “Men find hour-glass shaped women with large breasts more attractive.”

  • Obi says:

    is 5 inches considered small?

  • Svetlana Ivanova says:

    The average penis size is 5-7 inches.

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