Sexting Etiquette

The Brette Favre sexting scandal shows that cellphones cause some men to forget their manners. To help you avoid a similar faux pas, Sarah Stefanson has a breakdown of sexting etiquette.

Brett Favre has tongues wagging again, but this time it’s not alcohol issues, painkiller addiction or yet another retirement announcement. Favre has been accused of sexually harassing at least three employees of the New York Jets, including Jenn Sterger, a Jets sideline reporter. Lawsuits and marital infidelity aside, the aspect of this story getting the most attention is that Favre allegedly sent pictures of his penis to Sterger. Of course, these photos have been leaked to the public along with some pretty pathetic voice mail messages from Favre to Sterger.

Men everywhere can learn from Favre’s misfortunes in this situation. Before you decide to photograph your member and sext it to a girl you’re pursuing, find out what she will think about receiving it. To find out where Favre allegedly went wrong and avoid your own sexting scandal, AskMen has a breakdown of sexting etiquette for you. Read more

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