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Miss California Carrie Prejean Topless Photos

carrie-prejeanMiss California Carrie Prejean, who blamed her Miss USA pageant loss on her anti-gay marriage position, has something else to worry about. She has been making appearances and talking about her religion, but six topless photos of her have surfaced that may undercut her message.  See photos

2 Responses to Miss California Carrie Prejean Topless Photos

  • Mario says:

    I read about this. On the one hand I thought she had a point about her past, that nobody is perfect, but that kind of acceptance is not what her brand of Christianity is all about.

    Why should we let bible thumpers like her or Sarah Palin judge our lives and hit us over the head with the Bible when they even they can’t walk their walk? She posed topless and Palin’s daughter had a child out of wedlock. Hypocrites. I’m sure there book has a lot to say about both acts and neither of them seem apologetic about it.


  • Svetlana Ivanova says:

    Unfortunately, hypocrisy is spread pretty liberally throughout the political spectrum -not just among Christians and conservatives – but it’s still always fun to catch someone at it.

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