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How to Milk Your Man’s Penis with the Vaginal Squeeze

vaginal-squeezeWomen throughout history have been known for their sexual tricks and abilities. One of the most famous female “sex tricks” is the vaginal squeeze. It has different names in different cultures and countries. In India it is called the pompoir, the Arabic word for it is the Kabbazah (to clasp), and in the Far East it is known as the Singapore Kiss. They all refer to a woman developing strength and control of her vaginal muscles.

To develop the strong PC muscles needed to do the vaginal squeeze, follow the program in my post Vaginal Strengthening Exercises for More Powerful Orgasms. You can practice PC muscle exercises while driving, standing in line, or lying on the sofa watching television. After being on this program for 4-8 weeks you should have dramatically increased your PC muscle strength.

As you strengthen your vaginal muscles, you may notice that you can isolate two different sets of muscles, and you can flex them in isolation, too. When the PC muscles are strong, they have the ability to sort of ripple when they are squeezing. This also happens during an intense orgasm in a woman. The rippling causes a kind of milking action – which is felt by the penis – that starts at one end and moves along the vagina.

To perform the vaginal squeeze, simply flex your PC muscles in a continuous pattern of tightening (as you pull him inside) and releasing (as you push him out). You can also use your PC muscles to give your man the sensation of being sucked into you during intercourse. As the head of his penis is about to enter you, exhale completely. Then, as the head enters, breath in deeply while at the same time strongly contracting your PC muscles.

The vaginal squeeze is most effective when the man does not thrust vigorously. For greater control, shift to the woman on top position (if you’re not there already). Vary the sensations by incorporating shallow and deep penetration along with the squeezing and relaxing.

As your man nears ejaculation, squeeze as fast as you can. When you have developed strong PC muscles, you can make him feel as if the ejaculate is being pulled from his body. A woman who truly is expert at using her vaginal muscles can bring a man to orgasm simply by massaging his penis with her vagina without moving her body.

Men say the sensation of penile milking with a strong vagina is the ultimate sexual experience, and they prefer it over oral stimulation. After experiencing the vaginal squeeze, he might forget his own name, but he’ll never forget yours.

To learn everything you ever needed to know about giving a man mind-blowing pleasure and how to be the best that he has ever had in his entire life, click here!

10 Responses to How to Milk Your Man’s Penis with the Vaginal Squeeze

  • Al Link says:

    Great post. Very informative.

  • muttley says:

    I’m trying to research pompoir/Kabbazah techniques and exercises. From what I’ve gathered, it’s not as simple as kegels, but a “rippling” of the three bands of vaginal muscles. Any other links are appreciated.


  • rochelle says:

    p167 in Susan Crain Bakos’s The Sex Bible has a fantastic, phenomenal, perfect testimony about a guy having it done to him. Fantastic book, well worth the read/investment.

    But I gather, it takes a lot of exercise for a woman to be able to do this, so the guy had better be worth her effort if you actually want it done to you. It will take her time to build up the muscles, endurance, muscle control… Like a real blow job, she should use her lips and tongue only, hands are cheating, and it will take a while, and isn’t easy, but very tiring; so it is with kabbazah, he is not to help her!

    Get the book, it has a great section on it, at the least a testimony you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Svetlana Ivanova says:

    It does take a lot of time and effort to learn the vaginal squeeze, but it’s worth it even if you never totally master the technique.

  • Jordan says:

    My wife has been doing these exercises while at work. She can make her vagina feel like it is sucking me. I can get on top and get in her semi hard and she can stretch my penis. It’s amazing. I haven’t experienced anything better so far…

  • Svetlana Ivanova says:

    As I say in the article, many men consider the vaginal squeeze even better than oral sex.

  • Nguyen quynh says:

    Dear Svetlana, i don’t know how to isolate 2 vaginal muscles. I try to squeeze with my fingers, i can feel the muscles but when i try to squeeze my husband’s penis, it’s very difficult. I mean it’s not easy like with fingers. Could you please give me some advices

  • Svetlana Ivanova says:

    Yes, the problem is that your vaginal muscles are not yet strong enough. The larger the object inside your vagina, the harder it is to flex your vaginal muscles. Be sure that you can do the maximum number of repetitions in my vaginal muscle strengthening program. If you have already done that, then practice the routine with a penis-sized object in your vagina.

  • Nguyen quynh says:

    Thanks very much for your answer. I really appreciate it. I will try with a penis- sized object. By the way, would you mind explaining one question for me, please? I saw on the internet, there are some girls who can open beer bottle by their pussy. I wonder how they do that?

  • Svetlana Ivanova says:

    If it’s true, it would be by the same method: strengthening their vaginal muscles. They probably grip the bottle cap with their vaginas, and then twist the bottle.

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