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How to Make a Penis Shrine

Py Kim Conant, author of Sex Secrets of an American Geisha, says that if you really want to satisfy your man, dedicate a shrine to your man’s penis. Conant says the best way to make sure your man stays true is to worship him – and his penis – by creating a small shrine.

Says Conant: “Women should make a collage out of pictures of their man’s manhood as a way of showing their man that they love and respect him.”

Conant says penis shrines make “Men feel like real men,” and, thus, women will be more sexually satisfied by their mate.

Here are some elements you might consider including:

  • Naked photo of him, framed
  • Collage of photos of his penis
  • A drawing of his penis
  • Incense
  • Candles
  • A recirculating water sculpture
  • Small rocks
  • A short poem or note to his penis
  • A single fresh rose or other flower
  • A small plant
  • Perhaps simply a framed sexy photo or collage of photos (including you, naked) hung on the wall

Occasionally, light a short stick of incense at the shrine or otherwise show that you “visit” the shrine so that he will know that you actively use it. Replace the poem or note in the shrine every now and then and tell him to read the new one when he has a chance.

2 Responses to How to Make a Penis Shrine

  • miamioutdoors says:

    Try tracing the outline of the penis (erect of course) from the top and from the side — on a single sheet, It will give two views that ‘define’ the penis. Then sketch in the details that personalize the image. It results in a lifesize drawing. That may or may not be a desireable thing. Do it in pencil and you can photocopy it, taking copy along to work in between the pages of your notebook. If anyone asks, its like a police rendering of the perpetrator, although in this case its something you want to recall and recognize– And you can ask, Have you seen this one before? In some circles you might ask, Would you like to make its acquaintance?

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