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How to Have Breast Sex

Breast SexMen love breasts, and they love their penises. To see those two things coming together and resulting in orgasm is an exciting idea and visually, can be a feast for the eyes. Breast sex, also known as titty fucking,” is surprisingly easy – just as easy as giving a hand job, but much more fun for him.  Despite that fact, relatively few couples do it.

The problem for women is working up the courage and not being nervous about trying it. Some women may worry that their breasts are too small, but with the right position, they probably aren’t. While it’s not the most intimate sex act to perform with your man, breast sex still can be fun and quite arousing if that’s what you (or your man) enjoy.

The basic action that you will be performing is putting your man’s penis between your breasts. Once it’s inside your cleavage, you then need to push your breasts together to enclose his penis between your breasts to provide friction. Now your man can start to thrust between your breasts, or you can move your breast up and down over his penis. You may find that his penis slips out very easily. This is totally normal and will stop happening when you get more experience with breast sex..

There are two basic positions, depending on your breast size. One involves him lying on his back and you bending over him, pushing your breasts together. For smaller-chested women, the miracle of gravity gives you cleavage you may not have when you’re on your back. If you’ve got bigger breasts, you can lie on your back and have him crouch over you.

Another position you can try is to have your man sit down on a sofa with his legs spread wide and for you to be on your knees facing him in between his knees. You then need to start giving him bfeast sex rom this position.

Just ripping your clothes off and then giving your man a breast sex is not the most natural thing to do. A better way to start is by just having normal foreplay with your man. Then during this regular foreplay, just start giving him a hand job.  While giving him a hand job, slowly put yourself in a position where your breasts are beside his penis.

Then start to rub his penis over your breasts. Next, just simply put his penis in between your breasts and wrap them over it. No man in his right mind will ever resist this. The first time you try it, you will definitely find it a little awkward physically, but don’t worry. It will get easier when you figure out which positions suits you best. Be aware that when he ejaculates, you’re at a perfect position for a facial. When he’s getting close, tell him to pull back and finish on your breasts, or at least close your eyes.

Of course, breast sex can just be part of foreplay, too. Your man can save his orgasm for when his penis is someplace else. Either way, breast sex can be a spicy, slightly kinky, addition to your sex lives.

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4 Responses to How to Have Breast Sex

  • steve says:

    I used to do this all the time with a girlfriend who for some reason really liked it. ( maybe she liked the coming on her breasts?) It was fun and I appreciate that she did it but I found hand jobs to be more pleasurable.

  • Svetlana Ivanova says:

    Breast sex is more for fun than pleasure.

  • steve says:

    I have found that from my experience. Great article

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