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How to Give a Woman New Sensations During Sex

sex-positions-missionary Thrusting in and out is the go-to move for most men during sexual intercourse. While that feels good to women, it can become boring after awhile. If that’s your only move, you are cheating your woman (and yourself) out of a great deal of sexual pleasure. There are many other ways for the penis to stimulate the vagina. Here are three ways to give a woman new sensations during sex.

1) Change the angle.

The sensations a woman feels during sexual intercourse vary according to the angle of the penis inside her vagina. You can give s woman different sensations when thrusting by deliberately moving the pressure of the penis more onto one of the other vaginal walls. To do this, get on top of your woman and position yourself between her legs. When you have put your penis inside her, move one leg over to the outside of hers, and she grasps the leg that remains inside tightly between both of hers. If you put your right leg outside her left leg, this pulls your penis over to the right, pressing it tightly against the vaginal wall on that side. However, if you put your left leg over her right the opposite wall will come under pressure. In addition to pressing the penis against one of the vaginal walls, the penis is pulled “out of straight” and lies across the vagina, so that while three-quarters of the shaft is exerting pressure on one vaginal wall, the head of the penis nudges gently into the rear section of the opposite wall. The combined effect of these two sensations is to produce sensations quite unlike any others you can get during intercourse in other sex positions.

2) Just put the tip in.

If a man has a decent amount of ejaculatory control, one recommended method of penis-stimulation of your woman can be done in the man on top sex position. The inner lips of the vagina are very sensitive to sexual stimulation. So once you have positioned yourself between your woman’s legs, try putting only the head of your penis inside her.This has the effect of rubbing the coronal rim of the penis against the extremely sensitive vaginal rim. The only drawback is that the softness of the vaginal ring can be so arousing as it rubs the nerves of the frenulum and head that you ejaculate quickly. but if you have a high degree of ejaculatory control, it is likely that you can give your woman an orgasm just by doing this alone. (My post Tease Her to Please Her goes into more detail about this technique.)

3) “Twitch” your penis.

One way that you can increase your woman’s pleasurable sensations without increasing your own level of arousal is by “twitching” your penis after you have put it inside her vagina. The muscles used are those around the base of the penis inside the body, which involuntarily contract and relax several times as you ejaculate, and by doing so, squirt the semen out of your penis. A series of these twitches can provide your partner with new and very stimulating sexual sensations. You may find that you need to exercise these muscles in order to get a strong “jerking” movement of the penis. This PC muscle exercise routine is the best I have seen. (The exercises also help with erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory control.)

You don’t need to become a sexual acrobat or explore kinky sex to spice up your sex life.  A penis can do a lot more than just go in and out of s vagina. A few simple variations on what you already enjoy doing can often be enough to take your woman’s sexual pleasure to new levels.

One of the worst things that can happen to any man is not being “sure” if he had given his woman a orgasm. Imagine being so sexually skilled that you can literally give ANY woman orgasms. To discover the secrets to giving your woman the best sex she’s ever had, click here!

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