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I came to the U.S. at age of 12 with my mother. We settled in sunny Florida, which was quite a contrast to Minsk. I have always been fascinated by sex and relationships. Sex Secrets is where I share sex advice, experiences, news, and sometimes a little humor. If you have a question about sex that you prefer not to post in the comments, you can email me at svetlanaivano(at)yahoo.com.
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How to Dominate a Woman in Bed

Dominaning WomenThere are millions and millions of “nice guys” out there desperately seeking sex, and yet the most desirable women consistently end up in having sex with aggressive, dominant men, aka “bad boys.” Why do women want to be dominated in bed?  The desire to surrender, submit, and satisfy men sexually is hard-wired into  the female psyche. Women often talk about being “taken,” “possessed,” or “used.” Females have a primal urge  to “give” their bodies to males who are aggressive and strong enough to “take” them, meaning males who are aggressive and strong enough to also protect them.

The question isn’t whether women want to be dominated in bed. The question is whether you are man enough to dominate them. Men are supposed to be physically stronger than women, so dominating them physically is very important. That definitely does not mean that women want to be battered and beaten in the bedroom, though.  Here are some ways to do dominate women physically without actually hurting them.

  • Push her against the wall/floor/bed..
  • Kiss her like you’ve been waiting to do it all day. Grab her chin, pull her mouth to yours, and kiss her like you mean it.
  • Hold her by her wrists -above her head, behind her back, by her sides.
  • Run your fingers through her hair and pull it gently. Tug her hair so that it forces her to look up at you, give her a sexy smirk, and kiss her hard.
  • Put your hands all over her as if you can’t get enough of her body.
  • Grind your hips against her and let her feel your erection pressed against her.
  • Make her touch you and move the way you want by leading her with your hands. For example, when she sucks your penis, put your hand on the back of her head and guide her to how fast and deep to suck you.
  • Smack her butt or her thighs.
  • Push her head or body down against the bed.
  • Throw her body around when you want to change positions.

None of these moves should cause any real pain or leave any marks. Dominating women in bed is really about fulfilling their need to be passionately desired. Doing the moves I have provided is a “win-win female sex fantasy scenario because it  allows women to satisfy their deepest feminine desires, but is also completely safe

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