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I came to the U.S. at age of 12 with my mother. We settled in sunny Florida, which was quite a contrast to Minsk. I have always been fascinated by sex and relationships. Sex Secrets is where I share sex advice, experiences, news, and sometimes a little humor. If you have a question about sex that you prefer not to post in the comments, you can email me at svetlanaivano(at)yahoo.com.
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How NOT to Turn a Woman Off

Avoiding a woman’s turnoffs is as important as hitting her hot spots. Men’s Health reveals four female turnoffs and how to avoid them.

Her clitoris

Off switch: If you fail to handle it with care, the bull’s-eye isn’t the guaranteed bedroom jackpot you think. “Stimulate her clitoris too early and her moans will be from pain, not pleasure,” says Sybil Grae Gerughty, director of female sexuality research centre The Esybron Institute (esybron.org). “During arousal, blood rushes to erectile tissue in her clitoris, causing it to emerge from under the prepuce (hood). Touch her here before she’s ready and you’ll probably be stroking her urethra, which hurts,” says Grae. “And even if you do find her clitoris, it won’t be cushioned by soft erectile tissue, so may be easily bruised.” And a bruised clitoris ranks just below penis warts on the sexiness scale. Read more

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