Fortune-Telling with Breasts

beautiful_breastsHere’s a a seduction gimmick for men even better than reading palms: Sternomancy, according to the Russian newspaper Pravda, is the art of divination from the characteristics of the breasts based on their size and shape. Seduction Labs has an introduction to sternomancy.


Women with small breasts are mostly concerned about the faithfulness of their partners.

Women with large breasts are optimistic, cheerful and sensual. They can be very inventive in bed and expect the same from their partners. Read more

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2 Responses to “Fortune-Telling with Breasts”

  1. shanto Says:

    Fantastic puffy breast

  2. Says:

    A little known fact is that I myself am a venerable practitioner of this ancient art, and furthermore that so developed are my sternomantical skills I am able to tell a woman’s future simply by viewing an image of her naked breasts.

    Titpix to Kthxbai.

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