Cosmo's 10 Worst Sex Tips

Though I don’t agree that all of Cosmo‘s sex tips are terrible, these ten certainly are… and funny.

Anyone who’s ever actually had sex probably knows Cosmo’s sex tips are terrible. Sometimes it’s not even that they’re terrible… they’re just downright bizarre. And yet every month they rewrite them, repackage them and re-promote them… and silly girls eat it up.

So if you ever bring a girl home from the bars drunk and excited to make bad decisions and she pulls out a Dunkin Donuts bag – beware. She’s a Cosmo girl and you’re about to pay for it. What else do you expect when the magazine (and website) dishes out dirt like these 10 Terrible Sex Tips**:

10. Cup his hand against your mouth, and flick your tongue quickly in and out of the center of his palm. Mmm hand sex. Read more

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