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7 Tips for Swallowing Semen

Even though swallowing semen may help prevent depression and lower blood pressure, many women (including some who enthusiastically perform fellatio on their men) still don’t like to swallow. Women who don’t swallow usually blame their gag reflex or the taste of semen for their refusal. However, swallowing has deep, symbolic significance to men. By swallowing, a woman indicates her complete acceptance of him. Spitting out his semen is a symbolic rejection to many men.

If you would like to make fellatio an even better experience for your man by swallowing his semen, here are seven tips for overcoming the gag reflex and the taste:

1) Swallow in the morning

If gagging is an obstacle to swallowing for you, you should know that the gag reflex is least active the first thing in the morning. Try giving your man fellatio when you first wake up. This is the best time to practice swallowing with a minimum of gagging. Once you have had a few successful attempts, you’ll become more accustomed to swallowing semen and the gagging will stop.

2) Avoid the taste buds

The main complaints about the taste of semen are that it is bitter and salty. The taste buds on different areas of the tongue are sensitive to specific tastes: sweet on the tip of the tongue, salty and sour on the sides, and bitter at the back. When swallowing semen, you can minimize the unpleasant tastes by trying to keep it away from the corresponding parts of your tongue. Since the “bitter” taste buds at the back of the throat are the most problematic, the solution is either to overshoot them by deep throating or by pooling the semen in the front of the mouth and then swallowing quickly in one gulp. Make sure the semen spends as little time as possible lingering near the back of your tongue.

3) Deep throat

As mentioned in the above tip, when you perform deep throat, the head of the penis is in so deeply that it extends past the “bitter” taste buds that are on the back of the tongue. As your man reaches the moment of ejaculation, take his penis as far into your throat as you can, swallow as his semen hits the back of your throat, and continue swallowing until he’s finished. You’ll never taste it if you can avoid getting it on your tongue.

4) Use flavored lubes

There are a number of flavored lubes available that may help you disguise the taste of semen. Pick the flavor that you like the best and spread a generous amount all over his penis before putting it in your mouth. This has the added bonus of making fellatio, especially deep throating, easier because you don’t have to produce all the lubricant yourself.

5) Pop a mint

Try sucking on an Altoid, Tic Tac, or mentholated cough drop immediately before performing fellatio. The mint will kill the taste of the semen when he ejaculates. Also, many men enjoy getting a tingle from mint or menthol products on their penises.

With the first five tips, you can hide the fact that you don’t like the taste of his semen. With these last two, however, you’re obviously trying to disguise the taste. With a little finesse on your part, though, he won’t mind.

5) Wash it down

One way to keep from having to taste semen when you swallow is to wash it down with something. If you have a glass of water by your bedside, after he ejaculates, simply reach for the glass of water and wash the semen down the same way you would a pill or capsule. (Remember those health benefits.) Try not to move your head too much, other than tilting it back, in order to minimize the sloshing effect. Done correctly, you’ll never taste it.

7) Just a spoonful of sugar

Instead of taking your “medicine” like a good girl with only water to wash it down, try following Mary Poppins’ advice to disguise the taste with a “spoonful of sugar.” You can easily use a mouthful of chocolate syrup or honey to chase down the semen and get the taste out of your mouth. Using food as part of fellatio also causes you to subconsciously associate sucking a penis with swallowing something that tastes good. Eventually, that association may make swallowing semen “neat” taste good to you.

If a man has to worry about ejaculating, feeling that it is an imposition on the woman or the cause of unpleasantness, it creates tension. He cannot fully relax or fully enjoy his climax. A woman who swallows puts her partner at ease and allows him to relax and enjoy one of the most intimate and pleasurable sex acts she can perform on him.

All women know that men LOVE oral sex, but not all women know how to do it properly. Giving good fellatio is NOT just about opening your mouth and bobbing up and down. To find out what every woman needs to know about giving her man oral pleasure, click here!


29 Responses to 7 Tips for Swallowing Semen

  • FellatioM says:

    This is an excellent article. Although I don’t object to the taste of semen, some people do and that is why this article is so appropriate. Frankly, i like the silky feel and taste of semen in my mouth and enjoy savoring the flavor for awhile.

  • mountaingoat says:

    many of my female friends tell me that what the guy has eaten can have a very big effect on the taste of the cum. apparently pineapple makes it sweet! dont know anymore. please ladies…

  • Nothing makes my husband happier during sex than me *wanting* him to cum in my mouth and swallow it. It’s such a little thing, really. Even if I didn’t enjoy it, I think I would still do it – it’s literally a 10 second deal. The benefits are so worth it.

  • Svetlana Ivanova says:

    I agree that , “Even if I didn’t enjoy it, I think I would still do it – it’s literally a 10 second deal. The benefits are so worth it.” A real woman finishes what she starts.

  • SadbutTRUE says:

    Honestly the 10 seconds are worth it because I can honestly say that as long as the sex is good in a relationship and the two get along, most men are happy.. I have been in relationships before were she wouldn’t swallow and give me what I wanted sexually so i cheated or left. I’m not going to waste my time with someone who i can’t enjoy sexually.

  • fg14 says:


    I completely agree, am in one of those right now :S… havnt cheated yet but relationship will def. not last long.

  • I have never had trouble swallowing,. It sort of came naturally after giving my first blow job in my early teens. After he finished ejaculating, I found myself with all this fluid that had come out of his body into my mouth because of what I had done. It seemed rude to spit it out, so I swallowed. I’ve always swallowed since then, and not swallowing never really crossed my mind.

    I think many women think that what they do with the semen is irrelevant. After all, the guy just ejaculated, so the deed is done. Then they complain that men only care about the physical aspect of sex. I think that swallowing is of psychological and emotional importance for men. Like you say, if they know from the beginning that you are going to let them ejaculate in your mouth and then swallow, the whole blow job is going to be more enjoyable for them.

  • LyndaSoo says:

    I have never minded the taste, and relly like the idea of completely pleasing my huband- the only trouble I run into from time to time, is that it’s much chunkier at certain times,….when it’s too thick it will make me gag. Any tips on keeping him ” Fluid”????

  • Svetlana Ivanova says:

    You can’t do anything. Diet, exercise, and frequency of sex can all dictate how thick or watery his ejaculations are.

  • Jeff says:

    Hello Svetlana
    Describe the sensation you feel when a man ejaculates in your mouth?

  • Svetlana Ivanova says:

    There’s lots of sensations when a man ejaculates in your mouth. Usually, you feel his penis harden and swell, so you know what’s “coming.” Often he tries to push himself further inside. Then his penis pulses as he shoots, and the semen splashes into your mouth. If the head is near the front of your mouth, the semen lands on your tongue and you taste it. (That can be good or bad, depending on the man and/or what he’s been eating.) On the other hand, if the head is closer to in your throat, you take a quick gulp, and there’s barely, if any, taste at all.

  • Jeff says:

    Hey Svetlana

    Thanks for your response. I’ve always been too bashful to ask a woman when she has pleasured me, always felt like I would insult her, but I’ve always been curious about the perspective of women when pleasuring a man. What do you enjoy the most when giving oral to a man?

  • Svetlana Ivanova says:

    I guess I most enjoy the beginning and end: the penis growing and hardening as I take it into my mouth to begin with and then the moment of the first spurt of semen. The pleasure that the man gets out of oral is a big part of the pleasure for me.

  • amanda says:

    You are a very liberated & enlightened gal, Svetlana! I’ve just recently met a new guy & i’m trying to not be shy, but not easy. I want to be a semen swallower. I love your bold thoughts above about male ejaculate entering your mouth. I tended to be nervous & tense when my previous boyfrd would tell me he was gonna shoot his spermies, so if he aimed at my face I would clinch-up or even turn away. I felt so bad, cause he got very disappointed. I know that guys LOVE a gal who swallows, so i’m prepared to drink my new lovers “milk” (his term) from now on. I really don’t want to be timid anymore when I look at that cockhead spout & know that the spurts are gonna be filling my mouth soon. My new guy is black & is rather large (8 1/2″) & he has told me that he usually does 6 or 7 spurts & he would like to see his semenload b4 I swallow. He loves a slutty swallower, so I want to be that. Plus I want that intimate connection of taking his semen to my tummy so he’ll be a part of me, like someone here wrote. It seems that you really love swallowing or no? I’m a decent cooksucker, i guess, but pretty clueless about opening my mouth for sperm. Please help me learn the way to “hold” or “store” the spermload in my mouth, as he says, so I can display it to him & then I will need to wait for him to tell me to swallow. I hope this won’t be too challenging. If he is feeding me several spurts, will that make this really hard to get used to?? Unlike these gals above, I will NOT be taking spurts in my throat. He wants it all visible in my mouth. Also i’d love to know about how long it might take me to get adjusted to the taste & flavor of his semen & is thick & creamy (like you prefer) better if i’m a beginner swallower???

  • Svetlana Ivanova says:

    Hi Amanda,
    If your boyfriend is large and delivers a big “load,” it may be a little overwhelming at first, but keep the head at least in your mouth and just stay with it. You’ll be able to handle it. If you like the man and want to please him, it also won’t take long at all to adjust to the taste of his semen. Most people don’t particularly like coffee or beer at first, but eventually grow to love them (though not necessarily all flavors equally well). It’s the same with semen. It may not taste great at first, but “woman up” and do it for him. Soon you’ll associate the taste of his semen with the pleasure of performing fellatio and with his pleasure, and you’ll enjoy it and look forward to it.

  • Jeff says:

    What is the average number of shots of semen and pulses felt while feeling a man ejaculates in your mouth and do men with thicker and longer penises ejaculate with more force

  • Svetlana Ivanova says:

    Believe it or not, I usually don’t count. There are definitely more contractions than there are spurts of semen. I would say that the number of spurts might range from three to seven, and, yes, it is more thrilling when he just keeps cumming and cumming. It also makes you feel like you’ve done a good job.

    In general, men with bigger penises do seem to ejaculate with more force, but even then the force varies at different times, depending, I suppose, on how long it’s been since he last ejaculated, plus how long he’s been sexually aroused and close to ejaculation.

  • Susan says:

    It varies from men to men. However, the advise you gives made real sense and I tried most of them. I do however find that when the man is having an intense orgasm, it’s best I tract his shaft into my throat,and ket him shoot. but most enjoyable for me is to grip the head tight and help with sucking out semem. This way my mouth get filled and once done I gulp bit by bit and swallow. I never ever spit it out as it causes some dissatisfaction on his side. It my mouth is over filled, I rather swivel and wipe off excess onto my tounge and into my mouth;down my throat.

  • Svetlana Ivanova says:

    I’ll bet your man loves your blow jobs, Susan :).

  • Joanna says:

    I am okay with swallowing semen, it’s really a mixed battle for me. On the one hand I love giving blowjobs. I have mp idea why I like it to much, the feeling of his penis in my mouth makes me go crazy. I’m no whore, but I have no problem with getting down. The only problem I have with semen is the flavor. Normally when he starts shooting I let it fill my mouth, wait a sec, play with it with my tounge, and then swallow. This takes like 7 secs but I tried showing him once and I couldnt do it it was terrible
    , almost spit everywhere. I just swallowed it anyway.

  • eammon says:

    I would just love it if my wife would at least let me cum in her mouth. Swallowing would be so cool and over the top. I usually dont have a large amount of semen. So, it isnt that much. I guess my question is how and when do I ask her to let me cum in her mouth and swallow? Should I ask her when we are doing it or should we talk about it at a different time? I would love it. When I please her she gets very wet at the time of orgasm. I think she may squirt. It tastes so sweet and there is a lot. It drives her wild when I continue lick every bit of it from her clit down to her ass. I get horny just thinking about it.

  • Svetlana Ivanova says:

    I would say to ask her to do it beforehand. Tell her exactly what you’ve said here.

  • Svetlana Ivanova says:

    Once you’ve tasted it, you might as well swallow even if it doesn’t taste good. It’s worth it for his enjoyment and self-esteem.

  • The Hellboy says:

    I have some guaranteed advice on how to improve the flavor profile of the semen. First, water consumption is a must. Second, fruits such as mango, pineapple, strawberries, kiwi are great. Blueberries and other berries are great to add also. It is hard to get enough of them though on a daily basis to really make the semen taste like a sugary desert. No, I am not kidding about this. I modified my diet and my wife is amazed at how sweet my semen is. I suggest very strongly using on a daily basis drinks like Odwalla Mango Tango and/or Naked Juice Mango. This is really important. I drink one bottle every day in the morning. Every day. In about three weeks your semen will be so pleasant, your partner will be amazed. You will never have to try to convince her to swallow again. She will be very willing because the more objectionable flavor notes are gone. Interestingly, male semen contains a small amount of some off tasting amino acids, like cadaverine. Yes, “cadaver” as in dead. And, spermadine. Both do not taste very good. I work as a highly paid drug and supplement flavorist and I can assure you that if you consume the fruit juices I have suggested, the flavors will end up in your semen. If you doubt what I say, do this: try a small dab of your own semen. Remember the flavor profile. Follow the directions above, and a month later, taste a small dab of your semen. The difference is like old food, versus sweet desert.

  • The Hellboy says:

    I have noticed that with a very small percentage of my lovers, their vaginal honey changes flavor during sex. In the situations where I have had vigorous intercourse for an hour to three hours (not kidding), the flavor of the honey is at first sweet and a bit syrupy. Delicious. The longer we have intense stimulation. The flavor after the first orgasm is a bit more viscous, not as sweet. Now the real interesting thing I have noticed, is when we continue to have intercourse and oral sex, and my partner is getting more and more relaxed, intimate, and whild this sounds a bit contradictory, excited; she begins to taste, “buttery.” The first time this happened years ago, the scent was almost like buttered popcorn. It was delightful. Since that first time, this has happened several times. When this happens, I notice that my partner is very “drippy-sexy”…very amorous. It is the coolest thing ever. But, it has only happened to me with more enduring sex. It seems like some other glands or some other secretion is kicking in. It has never happened in shorter duration sexual interludes; only the longer ones. I work as a highly compensated flavorist for the drug and dietary supplement industry. And I study flavor and flavor notes intensely.

  • Melissa says:

    I don’t have much experience swallowing. When I have let a man cum into my mouth I’ve enjoyed doing it for him but I can never anticipate how long the duration will last or the initial force of it. Sometimes I only feel 2 to 3 spurts and other times, unexpectedly he’ll spurt away forever. Ofcourse I keep him in my mouth until it finishes. I always expect a few but after about the forth there kinda unexpected and not knowing when he’ll stop feels a little chaotic. Is there any way to feel or tell how long he will ejaculate or after a spurt whether theres gonna be another one?

  • Svetlana Ivanova says:

    I don’t think so, but that’s also the fun of it: You never know quite how much you’re going to get or for how many times.

  • Amber says:

    I tried the altoid thing. he absolutely loved it, and I didn’t taste a thing. I’m just starting out, and I hated the taste my first time, but I’d always been told to swallow, so I did. he definately appreciated the swallowing, but I was nervous every other time because of the taste. this helpedso much. thank you.

  • Denny says:

    My wife says that swallowing my semen is like learning to eat any other kind of food for the first time. It was only the first time that the taste was some what shocking , but after knowing what to expect. thereafter it was only a matter of “learning” to like it. she wanted to do so because she know how good it made me feel, so she just WANTED to learn to enjoy it. True love is what you know how to make your partner happy,, and boy does she ever. She has never spit out even a single drop of my cum in 40 years of marriage.And some weeks she gets 3 or more loads of it.. We usually 69, but she has many times just sucked me solo too. From the front is one of her most favorite ways to get my biggest loads because of the way she is able to tantalize the head of my penis while I am shooting, by holding just the head in her mouth, and flickering the bottom , just behind the head. When she does this she will allow the entire load to lay on top of her tongue until i stop, then i pull out and she will press the cum to the roof of her mouth, and savor it for awhile before swallowing it. She says that this allows the flavor of it to stay in her mouth for an hour afterwards. Love love love my one and only girl. where sex has always been GREAT!!

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