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I came to the U.S. at age of 12 with my mother. We settled in sunny Florida, which was quite a contrast to Minsk. I have always been fascinated by sex and relationships. Sex Secrets is where I share sex advice, experiences, news, and sometimes a little humor. If you have a question about sex that you prefer not to post in the comments, you can email me at svetlanaivano(at)yahoo.com.
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5 Sex Positions That Flatter a Woman’s Body

Men enjoy looking at the naked female body at almost any time. Looking at a woman’s body during sex is part of the enjoyment for them. Women can enhance their partner’s enjoyment of sex by assuming one of these five sex positions that flatter a woman’s body. Whether your breasts are your best feature, or you have a nice butt, there’s a sex position that will show it off to its best advantage.

1) Cowgirl. If you have big breasts, the Cowgirl position really shows them off. To perform it, your man lies on his back, and you climb on top, facing him. If your hips and butt are your best feature, just face the opposite way in the Reverse Cowgirl.

2) Lap dance. Again, the bodies of big-breasted women are very flattered by the Lap Dance sex position. It gives your man an “up close and personal” encounter with your upper body, which most men find very pleasurable and exciting. The Lap Dance position is performed with your man siting in a chair, and you sitting on his lap, facing forward..

3) Doggy-style. This sex position is especially flattering if you have a nice butt. The way to do it, of course, is pretty self explanatory. Just get on your hands and knees, and he’ll do the rest.

4) Spoon. The Spoon sex position is very flattering to the outline and shape of the female body . A women with hips and a voluptuous figure looks especially great in the Spoon. Get into the position by lying on your side. Your man then enters you from the rear. This sex position can also be quite initimate and romantic.

5) The Butterfly. If your man loves every part of your body, the Butterfly sex position may become on his favorites. With the distance and vantage point it provides, he gets a full-on view of your entire body. To assume the position, just lie on your back on the edge of a bed or other surface. He then approaches you and enters you in a standing position.

Many women are self-conscious about their bodies. You can also use this list of sex positions in reverse by assuming a position that “hides” a body part that you’re self-conscious about. Men, in general, are much less critical of women’s bodies than women think they are. However, if the Cowgirl position, for example, makes you less self-conscious about your butt, that can only be a good thing. If you’re less self-conscious, you’ll be less inhibited and probably enjoy sex more.

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