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20 Top Sex Tips for Men

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Teeth brushed, condom on, socks off? Then you’re ready for the twenty top sex tips for men that Times Online sexperts Dr. Thomas Stuffaford and Suzi Godson can offer.


1 Men aren’t irresistible and not all women are desperate for sex. Good lovemaking starts long before you reach the bedroom, so before any date, have a bath. Everyone smells: some women like the smell of male sweat, others don’t, but no one likes the smell of stale sweat.



1 There’s no substitute for excitement. The range of lubricants on the market can add slip and slide, but should never be used as a short cut. Read more


3 Responses to 20 Top Sex Tips for Men

  • helal says:

    I like real sex too much as well as paris hilton sex videos

  • felicite says:

    i think men should now a bit more about the female orgasm. That shoult be the No.1 sex tip for them. First they should know how to recognise an orgasm and how to know it is fake.

    “1. Retraction of the head of the clitoris

    Yes, you read correctly. Prior to the heights of orgasm, the head of the clitoris retracts behind the surrounding skin. When this happens, it means you are on the right track and do not stop. The retraction in not only visible, you can also feel it, so you do not have to be worried about dark rooms. It is best that prior to an orgasm you arrange yourself in a position to rub her clitoris. You will thus provide her additional pleasure, and at the same time, you will know whether she really came.

    2. Faster breathing and faster heart rate

    Pay attention to the speed of her breathing and hear rate. If they do not change even prior to an “”orgasm””, it is highly probable that the orgasm is faked. The moment prior to an orgasm the woman’s heart rate significantly increases and breathing becomes faster and deeper, while her body moves spontaneously and with a different power, line and rhythm than during the entire sex.

    3. Dilated pupils

    You might have some difficulties in recognising this sign, but if lights are turned on, ask her to look you in the eyes when she comes (who could resist this romantic request). If she is truly experiencing orgasm, her pupils will dilate during the orgasm.

    4. Red lips

    Do you wonder which lips? The answer is: both. The lips on her face as well as the vaginal lips slightly swell and become red during an orgasm. You will be able to observe one of them during her orgasm.

    5. Vaginal muscle contractions

    This is surely the most reliable indicator, as it is almost impossible to fake it. During orgasm a woman has 3 to 10 vaginal muscle contractions, of which the first ten are the strongest ones. These contractions squeeze your penis in such a way that you can hardly ignore them.

    6. Unusual sweating

    When you feel that your dear suddenly started sweating, she is on the right track to experience orgasm. Her body becomes increasingly tense prior to an orgasm and all her muscles work hard. When you both lie down weating after the sweet height, you can abandon all thoughts of fake orgasm with a clear conscience.

    If you find out that your loved one is faking orgasm, you have to talk to her openly, be honest and with understanding, as well as put joint efforts to truly satisfy the desires and needs of each other. ”

    And if you would like to know what to do, that your woman won’t have to fake the “big O” you should go to http://www.sexation.info and get some more tips.

  • Ringo says:

    Some of these tips are really awesome.

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