10 Tips for Better Breast Play

breast playFor many men and women, the breasts have a special sexual significance, so getting to know how your partner likes her breasts to be touched is an important element in making love to her. Just as they come in a variety of sizes, our breasts also have a variety of sensations. It is an individual matter, and what one woman may enjoy, another may not. With that in mind, here are ten tips for better breast play.

1) The biggest mistake men make while handling breasts is playing too rough. Don’t ever grab or latch onto your partner’s breasts! When two people are kissing and caressing, some grappling eventually occurs, but keep in mind that her breasts are not there to give you something to hang on to or slap back and forth.

2) One thing to be aware of is that breasts become more sensitive at different times of the month. During the menstrual cycle, breasts can become sensitive to any slight touch. Some women find them too tender and may not like them to be touched at all during menstruation.

3) Remember to stimulate the entire breast, not just the nipple area.

4) Remember that she has two breasts. Don’t just focus on one.

5) Begin by very gently cupping her breast and using your palm to lightly brush over the nipple. If you get a good response to this – back arching, sighing, your partner grabbing your hand and pressing it harder against herself – you may apply more pressure.

6) Next, gently roll the nipple back and forth with your thumb and forefinger. Lightly graze your fingertip around the breast, areola, and nipple, occasionally stroking straight over it. Be sure to use a feather-light touch. Then you may move on to light tugging and other nipple manipulations.

7) When you’re using your tongue, run it all around each breast, circle the areola, and gradually make your way to the nipple. Once there, continue teasing, and merely flick the tip of it (with your tongue, not your fingernail), or press gently with the flat of your tongue. A positive reaction to this can lead to gentle sucking and even light nibbling of the nipple.

8) Add your breath. Blow on her nipples, alternating a little sucking or nibbling with your breath.

9) As your partner becomes more aroused, she’ll let you know when to do more or less. If she doesn’t tell you what she likes and dislikes, go by her nonverbal cues, such as sighs, faster or sharper intake of breath, and body language – moving closer or trying to get as far away from your offending hand or mouth as possible.

10) Remember to pay attention to the rest of her body – her arms, back of the neck, back, calves, feet – which are often overlooked in a foreplay. Sometimes men are so excited to be playing with a pair of breasts that they forget there is a woman attached to them. Don’t forget to pay attention to HER as well as her breasts.

Many women have found that breast stimulation helps them achieve orgasm, and some women can even achieve orgasm by breast play alone. Spending time with her breasts, playing, and experimenting, can really make a difference in your lovemaking skill. Enjoy the fun of experimentation and exploration, and remember that breasts don’t make the woman; the woman makes the breasts!

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