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10 Fellatio Tips to Drive Your Man Mad With Lust

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No matter how much a woman enjoys performing fellatio on her partner, the main reason she does it is to give him sexual pleasure. Men certainly appreciate receiving the basic blow job, but there’s so much more you can do to spice it up for your partner. If you haven’t tried anything new with your blow jobs lately, these ten tips are sure to give you some good ideas.

1) Show him what you’ve got.

Most men like to look at a woman when she’s sucking him off, but every man is different and so is what he wants to see. If he’s a boob man, give him a nice view by using your breasts to stimulate the base of his penis. If he’s an ass man, give him a view of your butt. Try kneeling next to his chest, almost 69-like but you’ll be a little off to the side. It’s almost guaranteed that he won’t be able to keep his hands to himself.

2) Let your hair down.

Even if you don’t know it yet, chances are you’ve done this move before without even realizing it. For this, your partner should be lying down, and you should be off to one side. All you have to do is let your hair fall down onto and over his balls. As you move your head up and down, your hair will give his balls a light massage. This will feel amazing to him, almost like being brushed with a feather.

3) Look into his eyes..

You can do this move when he’s either standing or sitting, and you’re on your knees in front of him. While you have him in your mouth, just look up at him. Doing this will make your eyes look big, and big eyes will make you look irresistibly young and innocent. Plus, making eye contact while doing something sexual is sure to give you both an added surge of excitement.

4) Lick him like an ice cream cone.

Pretend his penis is an ice cream cone, and you’re swirling your tongue around the head and catching the drips down the cone (shaft). Do this for awhile and see how he likes it. When he can’t take it anymore, move onto something else.

5) Squeeze the base.

Use this tip when he’s having trouble staying completely hard or for when you just want to change things
up a bit. With your thumb and index finger, squeeze around the base of his penis. Apply about as much pressure as it would take to pinch your cheek until it almost starts to hurt, but not quite. This works by keeping the blood inside, and the penis hard. Even if he’s not having trouble staying hard, his orgasm will feel different this way.

6) Play with his testicles.

There is more to his penis than just his penis. All around that area is sensitive, and you should use all of it to create a “full-package” blow job. There’s so much you can do with a man’s testicles. Tickle, kiss, gently suck, massage, the list goes on. You’ll send him right over the edge if you lick his raphe, the vertical line in the middle of his scrotal sac.

7) Don’t stop the party.

If you have been giving a blow job for awhile, your jaw may start to get sore.. Your hands and wrists may also start to feel a little tired. When you start to feel uncomfortable, you should take a short break and shake it out, but what too many women do is stop everything all at once. Instead, when your jaw is starting to hurt, let your hand pick up the slack. Pull back, close your mouth and let it rest, but keep working on his penis. When a woman just stops everything she’s doing, it stops the build-up of sexual tension, and you may need to start getting your partner turned on all over again.

8) Bring along a sex toy.

Your sex toys don’t have to be used only for your pleasure. Get one out when you’re giving him a blow job to really get him going. Don’t bring it out right away, though. Get him going a little bit first, and when he’s really starting to get into it, about halfway to orgasm, then introduce it. It should be something that vibrates, and preferably should be small. Let him know before also. He’ll probably panic if you take out an dildo and start to put it between his legs!

Put the toy right under his balls, and push lightly against the skin where the perineum ends and balls begin. His testicles and prostate will be stimulated, and even if he’s unsure about doing it at first, his fears will quickly fade.

9) Apply some pressure.

Different men respond to this move differently, but it’s worth trying to see if he likes it. When he’s about to ejaculate, push firmly on his perineum,the area between his anus and scrotum. This will push on his prostate and constrict the flow of his semen as he ejaculates, making him feel like he’s literally about to explode with pleasure. Be careful of where you aim him, though, as the pressure will make his semen shoot out further than it ever has before!

10) Let him finish the way he wants.

Although you don’t need to let him do it every time, let him finish where he wants to once in a while. You may not understand why he wants to, but if he enjoys it and it doesn’t hurt you, just indulge him

There’s a good chance he will choose your face as his target. You might think it’s about domination and degradation , but just think of of it as bedroom play – not something that carries over to your actual relationship. As long as he respects you as a woman outside the bedroom, a minute or two of sexual domination inside the bedroom can add a rush of excitement! (Be sure to close your eyes, though.)

With these ten tips, you’re sure to drive your man mad with lust. Whenever your man deserves some extra attention or whenever you’re just in a generous mood, use these tips andd tricks to make him explode!

All women know that men LOVE oral sex, but not all women know how to do it properly. Giving good fellatio is NOT just about opening your mouth and bobbing up and down. To find out what every woman needs to know about giving her man oral pleasure, click here!

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